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West Perth District Falcons Academy

Falcons Academy Coachng Program

The West Perth District in partnership with West Perth Football Club has great pleasure in announcing the exclusive Falcons Coaching Program, available specifically for coaches within the West Perth District will be running in 2015.

The Falcons Coaching Program has been designed specifically to cater for our own district requirements on up to date methodologies and philosophies. The Falcons Coaching Program will feature coaching staff from the West Perth Football Club including senior coach Bill Monaghan.

The Falcons Coaching Program will comprise of: Falcons Coaching Forums, tailored for the entire district and is AFCA approved. The Falcons Coaching Academy will be deliberately constructed to suit the “Falcons Way” and is open to invitation only.


Falcons Coaching Forums

Falcons Coaching Academy

  • Education Specific Seminars (AFCA approved)
  • Education Specific Seminars (AFCA approved)
  • Guest Speakers
  • Guest Speakers
  • West Perth Coaching Staff Presenters
  • West Perth Coaching Staff Presenters
  • Available  to entire district
  • Inner Sanctum - Exposed to small group tuition from Bill Monaghan


  • Practical Approach


  • Membership – Application Process


Forums will be held on a regular basis and will cover specific phases of coach education within the junior, senior and high performance realms of coaching. Within each module Academy coaches will have the ability to be exposed to small group tuition from West Perth Senior Coach Bill Monaghan.

The session timetable is a follow-

  • Amateurs, Program Launch - 16/03/2015
  • Junior Football Falcons Program Launch - 23/03/2015
  • Module 1 - 11/05/2015
  • Module 2 - 22/06/2015
  • Module 3 - 20/07/2015
  • Module 4 - 17/08/2015
  • End of Season Review – 16/11/2015

Venue and start time will confirmed with the successful applicants closer to the session dates.

Interested coaches are required to complete the attached application form and return via email to Graham Mills – by no later than 10/04/2015

To register your interest download an application form. Falcons Coaching Academy